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Founder Message

Edutouch started its operation with the purpose of helping students gain wisdom through a communicative teaching module. The competition definitely was big, but we thrived because of the immense support of our back-end team, tutors, competitive exam coaches, and everyone else who stood by us in the times of exigency. We are glad to say that today we succeeded in strengthening our foothold in the industry. At Edutouch, we recruit educators, competitive exam coaches only after a lot of vetting and inspection. A rigorous background check is done followed by skill test. It helps us to find the better among the best tutors and let our students have the finest learning experience ever. Besides handpicked tutors, we also facilitate the learning process for our students with free demo from our subject experts, personalized guidance, prompt response, zero communication gaps, 24*7 chat supports, and much more. When it comes to fees, we tend to satisfy both students and teachers. Our tutors get paid based on their experience and subjects they teach. The amount ranges between 500 and 5000, so it goes easy on the parents and students. We have endeavoured our presence since we came into existence. Our various innovative ideas have just facilitated our perennial growth history.

Founder & Director